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Kitten update!

     I've been a while in posting because I didn't want to put anything up without having come up with a name for the kitten.  I liked everyone's suggestions, both here and in the Reddit thread I started in r/twoxchromosomes/, but I just can't use any of the suggestions.  Why?  I started from a flawed premise.  I wanted to name her for a good female role model, but none of the names seemed right.  Boudica was good but not quite there.  I liked the idea of naming her for Donna Noble but... honestly, I'm not crazy about calling a cat Donna (aunt's name, for bonus bleh points).

     I finally realized what the big issue is, though; cats are not role models.  No good female role models fit her personality because nobody with her personality should be considered a role model!  So I reconsidered.  Characters who fit her personality.  She'd make a fine Asuka, but I'm tired of cats with Japanese names (sorry Misato and Yoshi).  Also, my mother would call her Oscar.  No way.  Fortunately, there's another character she fits perfectly.

     Her fur has a fiery color.  She's very sweet and cordial when it suits her purposes and an utter terror when she gets bored.  If you don't want to play with her she'll play with you anyway in so infuriating and terrorizing a fashion that you'll soon see the wisdom of being her playmate voluntarily.  The real clincher came when, upon individually introducing her to Zacky and Lobo, I found that both dogs are utterly terrified of her.  They each got close enough to smell her once, then both tried to flee the room.

     Terrifying, capricious, evil, fiery.  Yeah.  I think I'm naming her Azula.

     She continues to climb into Roswell's habitat even though, several nights ago, I heard a yowl of pain and looked in to see her clutching her paw and looking mortified while Roswell peered smugly out of her shell.  I thought that she was just curious and wanted to pester the turtle, but further observation makes me think that she just really likes hanging around her.  She goes in and plays with the dirt and paws at Roswell's shell and kind of lays about.  It's like any anime you ever see in which the perky girl considers herself bestest friends with the gloomy grump.  It's like 'Hey Ros!  What's new with you?' 'Hssss.' 'Haha!  Classic Roswell.' '...'

     Also, she may be fond of borrowing the turtle's heat lamp.

     Adorable, no?  Now I just need to change Ros' name to Mai and get a ferret named Ty Lee and I'll have my very own Ozai's Angels!


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Oct. 24th, 2010 07:42 am (UTC)
Heh, Azula's actually a good cat name. They are cruel, vindictive, vengeful, and decadent just like her! ;)
Oct. 25th, 2010 10:36 pm (UTC)
Hehe silly and cute picture/partnership is silly and cute <3
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